About Ganapati Crafts Co. Wholesale

At Ganapati Crafts Co., we started as retail enthusiasts enchanted by traditional handicrafts. Now, as wholesalers, we intimately understand your needs. Amidst pandemic challenges, we've evolved into a design-focused haven with over 100 unique wool-felt toys and handwoven bags. Our commitment to sustainability ensures authenticity and craftsmanship in every piece. Join us, empower dreamers, support artisans, and discover the beauty of traditional crafts at our Jupiter showroom or online.

Our Brand

Retailer Roots, Crafted Excellence

Founded by a Floridian retailer, Ganapati Crafts Co. brings you exceptional handcrafted products designed 'By Retailers for Retailers.' Explore our curated collection, crafted with an insider's touch for your retail success.

our style

100% Handmade

Ganapati Crafts Co. epitomizes Exquisite Elegance in each handcrafted wool felt creation, radiating sophistication and charm with every carry.

Our Value

Empower Artisans

Every product purchased fosters the flourishing craftsmanship of skilled artisans, making a positive impact with every accessory.

Our Products

Elegance with Purpose

Ganapati Crafts Co. is your haven for artisanal elegance with a purpose. From charming finger puppets to festive ornaments, every creation is designed to elevate your surroundings while contributing to a meaningful cause.